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A Meditation on John 19:25-27: "Behold, Thy Mother"

The following is a meditation that I wrote for Biola's Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts. It was written specifically for their Lent Project. Each day of Lent they invite a different person to reflect on a relevant text which, in turn, has been matched to a poem, a piece of music and a work of visual art. It's quite a wonderful resource, thanks in no small part to the keen leadership of BarryKrammes.

How I came upon this opportunity is a bit of serendipity--or, more properly, a bit of providence. I was walking down Walnut Street on my way to Fuller's Guest House in Pasadena, California. I had bumped into my friend Bruce Herman. I was in town for the Brehm Center's Culture Care conference; Bruce was in town for art reasons. We were catching up on the day's activities when we crossed paths with Barry Krammes and a couple of his colleagues. One thing led to another and both Bruce and I were invited to contribute to CCCA's Lent Project. We both accepte…

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