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Worship, Theology and the Arts: A Syllabus

The following is a portion of the syllabus for the course that I teach at Fuller Seminary on worship, theology and the arts. It's the introductory course for students who wish to dive a little more deeply into this interdisciplinary field; many of the students, in point of face, will be connected to the interests of the Brehm Center in some fashion. As with all courses of this nature, so many possible resources are left on the cutting room floor. It's a shame, really. The hope of course is that the next time around you'll be able to mix and match a different set of readings. So that's a grace, at least. For now, I'm excited to take students through this material and to see what we discover together.

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is the introductory course for all students entering Worship, Theology, and the Arts (WTA) concentrations at the master’s level. This course introduces the students to a methodology that …

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